Why MOONJI Production Uses QTAKE For Seamless Remote Production

In 2022, there’s almost a certainty that some part of production will need to be broadcast remotely. From creative directors located overseas to international clients tuning in from multiple countries at a time, a seamless and fast-paced connection is imperative to a successful shoot. 

At MOONJI Production, our international-quality production in Asia is supported by QTAKE – a high-end video assist system that provides instant, high-definition reviews of each take.

Qtake Server

This immediate access to shot media is key to an accurate and efficient production both on the ground streaming to media stations and tablets on-site to syncing with cloud servers to provide secure worldwide access to content in real time. If that wasn’t good enough, it can even push XML data into existing digital asset infrastructures when required.

What we love most about QTAKE is that unlike other systems that need to render dailies and upload media after offloading from a camera, the QTAKE Server supports instant, independent playback and metadata editing just seconds after the take has been shot.

Additionally, it allows for simple product navigation as it organizes content by camera, scene, shot and take automatically, seamlessly synchronizing media and metadata in the background to provide creative and technical control for directors, DPs and production teams.

Overall, it is a superior solution to other currently available options, because it can stream up to 8 cameras with metadata from a single QTAKE system to all Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS). 

Most recently, we seamlessly shot a live-action advertisement conceptualized by our creative team across four separate countries, simultaneously, without a hiccup. With creative tuning in from our offices in Thailand to our client Pernod Ricard having access to livestreams in India, France and Hong Kong, this shoot couldn’t have happened without the superior quality of QTAKE Servers and systems that we work with. 

With these qualities, it makes sense to MOONJI Production and our many clients to make the most of the QTAKE Server system. We see it as a future-proofing solution for any kind of production in the modern day. 

MOONJI Production offers international quality production in Asia for all kinds of projects, from social advertising to feature films and series. Using our ultra-low latency streaming services, clients, directors and DPs can attend our creative sessions remotely, from anywhere in the world, at just a few frames latency. 

And, as the world of the internet improves almost daily, the quality and speed of cloud based services like QTAKE will only improve. We look forward to the future, by making it a reality today.