Realistic 3D Character Creation and Animation with CC4 and iC8

In the ever-evolving world of digital animation, tools that streamline the creative process and deliver hyper-realistic characters and animations are game-changers for filmmakers, animators, and VFX artists alike. 

Reallusion’s Character Creator 4 (CC4) and iClone 8 (iC8) are two groundbreaking solutions that redefine digital animation today. These powerful tools elevate character creation and animation by enabling designers to effortlessly generate and animate highly realistic digital humans and any non-human characters they can imagine for films, games, and emerging media content.

Creating Realistic Digital Humans with CC4

CC4 is an all-in-one character creation system designed to easily and quickly create realistic 3D characters. It features a wide range of tools for creating characters from scratch, as well as importing and customizing existing characters.

This cutting-edge software crafts lifelike 3D characters that mirror the intricacies of real human beings. From morphable muscle and bone structures to a dynamic hair and beard system that achieves Hollywood-level realism, CC4 opens up endless possibilities for your digital character.

With CC4’s SkinGen plugin, designers can also add realistic skin textures to characters, including age, youth, freckles, scars, and more while at the same time customizing the characters’ outfits, accessories, and morphs to perfectly fit the vision.

What’s even better for CC4’s generated characters is that they seamlessly work with iC8’s animation controls, making character rigging and animation faster and more efficient.



Real-time Character Animation with iC8

iC8 is the industry’s fastest and most user-friendly real-time 3D animation software. It seamlessly combines character animation, scene design, and cinematic storytelling in one cohesive production environment, empowering animators to effortlessly create high-quality character animations for film, previz, videos, and games.

Integrated with a cutting-edge real-time 3D engine, this powerful tool can bring animations to life in seconds instead of hours. Its advanced motion capture technology makes it effortless to import and animate custom characters or even edit and adjust them with precise facial and body movements.

According to Reallusion’s website, “iClone is like a Swiss army knife for fast animation production with a powerful character animation system and beyond including all critical features for storytelling, scene construction, physics simulation, multi-camera directing, and visual effects.”



The Power Duo For Realistic Character Creation and Animation

Individually, CC4 and iC8 are absolute game-changers. But the real magic happens when these two power-packed tools are utilized together. With CC4, designers can create hyper-realistic characters and iC8 comes in handy for animating and compositing, all in real time. Not only will these tools speed up production time, but also allow every creator to come up with more complex and visually stunning animation content than ever before.

As Reallusion’s CC4 and iC8 continue to revolutionize digital animation with their comprehensive, user-friendly, and integrated system for 3D character generation and animation, we, at MOONJI, are dedicated to exploring these tools to bring more powerful creative technology solutions to our clients worldwide.