Production Apps The Pros Use

Although mobile phone apps could never replace professional equipment, when all you have is a handheld device and a moment of creativity hits you, it is good to be well prepared for every eventuality. 

While some content is better shared and produced on the go with a mobile phone, such as social media posts or live recordings out and about, professional equipment still provides the best results. Although as our phones become more technologically advanced, they begin to play a more crucial role in modern filmmaking.

Once you pick a phone with a suitable camera set-up, the next challenge is figuring out the best video production apps on the market. As mobile video demand grows, the resources for smartphones will continue to rise. Whether it’s splicing, filtering, clipping, or merely editing, here are several apps that the pros use when they’re far from their equipment.

Shot Lister – A professional app that can be used during pre-production or on set to build and scheduled shots digitally. With a live mode, it tracks your progress of the shoot, and you can even rearrange the schedule with one click. The stellar industry reviews from Raindance, Motionvfx, Film and many more speak for its brilliance.

Videolicious – This app claims, rightly so, that video is the most popular content in the world. By helping users create on-brand, professional-quality video, this editing application is used by over 4 million users for a range of needs such as making editorial videos, social marketing videos, e-commerce videos and video profiles.

PCam Film + Digital Pro is the ultimate assistant in your pocket. As the shoot is often the most expensive part of the production, this on-the-shoot app (or more accurately, a collection of apps bundled into one package) is designed to make on set filming as quick and straightforward as possible. The app includes a vast range of features, such as depth of field to focal length matching, to HMI flicker-free, colour correction, light coverage, conversion calculations and time-lapse tools.

Green Screener – Here, you can get the perfect green-screen shot without the need for light-meters or waveform monitors. It uses intelligent screen-band technology that works with your device’s camera and is easily adjustable.