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As the world of AI evolves exponentially, more and more production companies and filmmakers are seeking new ways to speed up and improve the post production process. Joining the fray of AI-inspired software is Color Intelligence, a Hollywood startup that has created the groundbreaking software known as Colourlab Ai

Colourlab Ai is a revolutionary tool that is transforming the post production process in the film and television industry. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate and optimize color grading, which is the process of adjusting the colors and tones of a video to achieve a desired look.

There is already no doubt that AI will transform the production industry in years to come, but already we are seeing the way digital creators work change dramatically, and mostly for the better. Traditional color grading can be a time-consuming and tedious process, requiring a skilled colorist to make manual adjustments to each frame. With Colourlab Ai, this process is automated, allowing the colorist to focus on more creative tasks. 

Essentially, Colourlab Ai lets creative designers and professional colourists spend less time doing technical tasks and allows them more time to be creative, providing faster turnaround times and increased productivity overall. 

Colourlab Ai in Post Production

Founded by color scientist Dado Valentic and industry veterans Mark L. Pederson and Steve Bayes, Color Intelligence quickly established itself as a high-end image processing consultancy. Their website states that they “…are on a mission to unlock the potential that Artificial Intelligence brings to filmmaking and deliver this incredible technology to digital content creators worldwide.” 

Self-described as the “secret-weapon” of future color management, their systems have already proven their worth, producing consistent, high-quality results. By integrating AI into their tech at every level, Colourlab Ai now uses advanced algorithms to analyze the colors and tones in a video and make adjustments based on predetermined styles and looks. This ensures that the final product is consistent and looks professional while also eliminating the need for multiple rounds of revisions. 

But computers are never perfect (yet!), so what the software also does is create coloring notes just like a real person does, allowing for specific, targeted edits and changes to specific actions taken in the coloring process.

Color AI For Humans

Using this “human-centric” approach, Colourlab Ai is now improving and expanding the potential for collaboration and communication between post production teams globally. It allows colorists and other team members to easily share and review color grades in real-time, making it easier to get feedback and make adjustments. 


Gaining popularity out of the gate, the company has been working with Hollywood-level production companies including Warner Brothers, HBO, Netflix, NBC Universal, and CBS to improve and advance their color processes. Visiting the Colourlab Ai website, you can see a culmination of their work that not only works on a technical level, but has absorbed years of research into human color perception, color science and mind-image processing, building on neuroscientific research to better color grade productions to best impact the mind and emotion of the viewer. 

Once again, the integration of AI into the post production process is showing positive effects. Not only is the work completed essentially high-quality every time, it also frees up time for colorists and creatives to focus on what they enjoy more – creative design, creative editing and everything in between. 

Overall, Colourlab Ai is a valuable tool that can significantly improve the post production process in the film and production industry. As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that Colourlab Ai and other similar tools will become increasingly important in the post production process. At MOONJI Production, we’re hot on the coat tails of such tech, finding creative and innovative ways to incorporate it into our own productions in Asia and online. 

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