MOONJI Uses ARRI SkyPanel: Here’s Why

At MOONJI Production, we use a full suite of ARRI equipment, including the ARRI Sky panel. Known for its efficiency and versatility on set, the ARRI collection is a top-of-the-range suite of cameras, lights and equipment that help our directors, DOPs and directors realize limitless creative visions every time. 

ARRI SkyPanel is our lighting of choice, and this year, at the 73rd Engineering Emmy® Awards ceremony in October, ARRI was awarded for outstanding achievement in the engineering development of its SkyPanel LED soft lights. 

Through the Engineering Emmys, the Television Academy recognizes individuals, companies, or organizations whose outstanding technical developments have contributed significantly to improving existing processes or the recording, transmission, or perception of television.

ARRI SkyPanel on Set

Used on-set by MOONJI Production, the ARRI SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that is industry-defining. The prestigious Television Academy award now acknowledges the efficient and versatile family of ultra-bright LED fixtures with multiple control options had streamlined production lighting workflows and were now firmly established throughout the television industry.

Incorporating features of ARRI’s successful L-Series LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. 

At MOONJI Production, we take full advantage of the finely tunable SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) thanks to the range of color temperature available, adjustable between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. 

What’s more, the set up allows full plus and minus green correction at the turn of a dial and CCT adjustments such as hue and saturation, gel selection, RGBW, source matching, x,y coordinates, and 16 professional lighting effects are programmed into every fixture as standard, making our job easier and our creative output even more spectacular. 

Perfect for our chroma green screen shoots, the lights even have settings that suit such a shoot, something that has become incredibly useful during the pandemic years when many productions are now leaning more on post-production effects due to physical contact limitations.

ARRI SykPanel’s International Reception

Since its introduction in 2015, the ARRI SkyPanel was immediately adopted for television and feature productions worldwide and frequently used in numerous broadcast studios, at live events, fashion shows, and even art exhibitions.

Almost every production shot by MOONJI Production makes use of the ARRI SkyPanel for these reasons, putting us on par in terms of equipment quality with the likes of notable shows illuminated with SkyPanel including the Netflix series “Dark,” “The L Word: Generation Q” (Showtime), “First Ladies” (CNN), and “Genius: Aretha” (National Geographic), along with multi-award-winning feature film “Blade Runner 2049” and the last two “Star Wars” productions.

Our most notable production that used the ARRI collection, including the ARRI SkyPanel, was our award-winning Still/Life short film that won Gold at the Cannes Film Festival and the Asian Academy Awards, among many others. Watch our award-winning production below and get in touch if you need a production company in Asia-Pacific that is universal in reach.