Introducing The Bolt – MOONJI’s Favorite Camera Robot

Whether you’re in the production industry or not, it’s highly likely that you’ve already seen The Bolt in action. Every year at prestigious events like the Academy Awards, The Grammys, Golden Globes, The Emmys, and People’s Choice Awards, director and producer Cole Walliser takes the red carpet by storm with his GLAMBOT – a bolt-type high-speed camera that effortlessly captures glamorous poses in high-definition slow motion.

With this in mind (and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video below!), MOONJI, together with our partner Supreme Studios, introduces you to our all-time favorite high-speed camera robot, known as The Bolt.

Developed by the company Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), The Bolt High-Speed Cinebot is the fastest of its kind, capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any alternative method.

The Bolt’s dolly-mounted precision robotic arm is specifically designed to be a platform for any high-speed cinema camera, enabling the capture of fast-paced action in a variety of settings. From thrilling sports to industrial environments, films to red carpet glam, its unrivaled precision and speed add an entirely new perspective to filming. With its wide range of movement, it can capture almost any visual angle and achieve track speeds up to 5m/sec.


MOONJI Production’s Bold Camera Solutions

At MOONJI, with our partner, Supreme Studios, we provide the best cutting-edge creative technology solutions in the industry today which includes the LED Volume and Unreal Engine world building, as well as a full suite of cameras and, of course, The Bolt. 

One of the key advantages of The Bolt is its ability to capture flawlessly smooth and stable footage, even at high speeds. This makes it ideal for capturing footage of fast-moving vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, as well as athletes in action. But even in a studio setting, this camera performs spectacularly. 

The Bolt excels in use with high speed cameras such as the Phantom, allowing it to capture footage from unique angles and perspectives that are often impossible to achieve with regular camera setups. Its precision movement – from standstill to full high-speed motion and back to a complete stop in fractions of a second – allows us to capture the fastest action or the smoothest cut or transition with pinpoint accuracy. 

Its 6-axis robotic arm is controlled by Flair, MRMC’S premier motion control software, with precise and intuitive controls that allow up to 500 axes of motion and interface seamlessly with many CGI packages. It can even be placed on a track for an added dimension of control during a shoot.

Overall, the Bolt is a powerful and versatile camera system that is capable of capturing smooth and stable footage at high speeds. Its robotic arm allows for a wide range of movement and makes it possible to capture footage from a variety of angles and perspectives. 

And while the Bolt is a specialized and sophisticated piece of equipment that is not cheap to maintain, MOONJI Production with our partner Supreme Studios offers some of the best rates in the industry, paired with a world-class team of virtual world builders, producers, directors, creatives and VFX technicians right here in Bangkok, Thailand.