Finding the Right Location

At MOONJI Production, we know that finding the right location for a shoot can be challenging. We also know that shooting in Thailand often produces the same results, year in, year out. Overused locations, stereotypical scenes and surface-level cultural understanding plagues the market in Asia, which is why we work hard to make a stand for more authentic and original location and content. 

Whether we’re filming a passion project or following direction from a client, we strive to identify locations that are not only unique, but also well-suited to the scene at hand. 

Thailand is a great place for production thanks to its wide variety of locations, environments, architectures and people. Our list of locations is extensive, and what’s more important is that every location we can share its story with clients, often opening new doors for creative tie-ins or appropriate action for a more realistic shot. 

On the flip side, there’s more to Thailand than beach, city and forest. There’s deserts, old English-style estates, barren wastelands, and six-star resorts. In the very few cases that Thailand can’t deliver (think snow!) our production team can find real-world solutions that fit, or offer up our extended reality (XR) studio as an alternative. 

Find out more about our XR studio and our Bolt camera setup by clicking here


iFIT Thailand: A Perfect Example

In 2022, we worked on a 24-episode fitness and travel series for the US-based fitness platform iFIT. Titled the iFIT Weight Loss training series, the content was split into two modalities – bike and tread – each requiring not only beautiful locations, but rich stories and connecting pathways that looked good and gave the trainer something to share. 

In addition to finding the location, our extensive knowledge of the country also won us the creative side, allowing us to share the stories and cultures of each locale that the talent in turn could share while filming their training episodes. 

In one episode, the tread trainer gets their feet wet on a desolate beach just as the sun rises, while the next throws her deep into the bustling city of Bangkok. The juxtaposition of locales was intentional, and rewarding for both viewers and trainers. 

The bike trainer scaled mountains, discovered hidden temples in Chiang Mai and navigated turns between towering limestone towers in Krabi. Each twist and turn, both tread and bike trainer spoke to the destination in detail, shared personal anecdotes and encouraged viewers to “keep pushing” as they followed at home on their own fitness machine.

Unlike a regular shoot which utilizes the power of post production to seamlessly tie in scenes and shots, this series was essentially shot in one take over many miles of road, trail and beach. For this reason, we had to pull out all the stops to not only find “the most beautiful beach in Thailand” but also, the pathway and back pathways that lead to the final shot.

At MOONJI Production, we go beyond your regular production services and offer a unique approach to scene and location that is both creative and locally relevant. Thailand is no doubt an incredible destination, suitable for all types of shooting and we like to open up a world of new opportunities for clients shooting in Thailand and Southeast Asia, screwing the box and serving something different for all to enjoy.