Cash to Card with Visa Myanmar

While Visa has maintained a presence in Myanmar for quite some time, credit card services were only recently approved by the government. In a country where cash remains the dominant form of payment, our client envisioned a campaign to educate retailers on the benefits of using Visa in their transactions. To that end, we produced a series of documentary-style branded videos that educates both merchants and consumers on the advantages of making the transition from cash to card.


An Immersive Experience

Instead of hiring actors or celebrities to deliver carefully-scripted testimonials, we engaged genuine Visa cardholders and merchants to share their stories. To achieve this, we designed and constructed a custom-made, Visa-branded booth in the heart of Myanmar’s largest shopping mall. The immense structure featured a sound-insulated room, fitted with a state-of-the-art video production studio and crew who were ready to film the stories of consumers and business owners. In spite of other simultaneous events at the mall, we were well-equipped to cut out the background noise and achieve high-quality sound recording. Over the course of 2 days, we interviewed close to 70 shoppers, who shared their first-hand experience using Visa. We were then able to select the most compelling interviews to drive the marketing campaign to the next level.


Authentic Storytelling

The following stage involved identifying the 10 most inspiring characters who experienced the key advantages of using Visa. Five merchants and five consumers shared their stories in a series of short, documentary-style video vignettes which each focused on a different Visa benefit. To achieve this the Moonji Production crew spent three days filming interviews at merchant locations, as well as shooting b-roll to capture varying angles of Yangon city.


Bringing It All Together

Each vignette video tell’s the brand’s story of offering convenience and security to transactions, at a time when Myanmar is experiencing rapid growth. The documentary-style short films show real-life people engaged in their daily lives, speaking naturally. The resulting 10 branded-content videos offer an authentic and heart-felt experience of Visa products, in language that is relatable to consumers and merchants alike. Check out one of the video vignettes featuring the owner of Harry’s Bar in Yangon: