Telling a Brand Story Through Narrative Filmmaking

With so much information online, it can be difficult for brands to cut through the clutter. By creating film and video content that tells your brand story, you can stand out with narratives that compete with the likes of Hollywood. 

Branded films are a key way for marketers to capture the attention of their audiences. By adding an element of storytelling – be it visual or narrative – brands can elevate their message through movie-style cinematography that is artistic and engaging.

What is a Brand Film?

Brand films are any movie or social media video created to talk indirectly to an audience of potential customers. Although these branded movies are usually only a few minutes in length, their message and artistry can tell a lot more than a simple commercial of the same length. 

At MOONJI Production, we tell brand stories in many ways. Some stories are fun, straight-to-the-point, and informative. Others are more creative, subtle, and thought-provoking. But whatever the approach, we bring brand stores to life in ways that bring people and brands together.

Brand films are not always about the product itself either, or even the company at times. Sometimes it’s just an idea. Take our HOKA advertisement, for example. Although it’s telling a story of brand connection, our focus is on the person in the frame. Her story and her experiences as a young person growing up with a dream to run. It just so happens that the story is told under the brand banner of HOKA. 

A video like the one above is instantly more memorable than a direct-sale advertisement. In fact, depending on our client objectives, we often recommend that their brand exists as a feature, a facilitator, or a narrator, rather than the focus on the brand film itself. 

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Using Motion Graphics to Tell a Brand Story

Another effective way to tell a brand story through video media is by using motion graphics. Oftentimes, a story goes into the past, often to a time or place where our camera teams cannot travel…not yet, at least.

In these scenarios, using old footage or images and vibrant, engaging motion graphics and 3D elements presents a perfect storytelling solution. This effect works exceptionally well with brand documentary films in Asia, as long as the finished product has a good balance of entertainment, authenticity, and authority. 

Animation Shorts for Brands in Asia

If motion graphics aren’t your thing, animated shorts are a fun and appealing way to engage with consumers and tell a brand story. With the control and freedom to create images to your liking, with literally no scenario out of reach, MOONJI Production’s scriptwriters, storyboard artists, and animators can bring a message to life.

Story-driven animations often deliver more emotional impact than live-action films or motion graphics. They help create connections through meaningful situations or humorous encounters. We find animation also helps to frame a brand persona in a way no other medium can achieve. 

Take our PSI TVC that delivered a direct message to the people of Myanmar to remain safe at home during the pandemic. Instead of just waiting it out, the brand told a story that inspired its audience to find alternative ways to keep connected during the height of the lockdown.


Other Considerations

Apart from the style of video media needed to tell the brand story, there are several other aspects of storytelling and filmmaking to consider.

Brand films, on the whole, should be approached from an artistic perspective, and therefore the scripts should be written by those with the skills to do so. A simple product ad may be best written by a marketing director who knows the buzz-words that make their audience tick, but it’s better to take a more stylistic approach for movies.

At MOONJI Production, we like to indirectly work in a brand story or message into a story-based narrative, adding a sense of authenticity to the finished product. If the message is too direct, your brand story turns into a commercial – great at times, but not ideal for a filmmaking approach.

In addition to production in Asia, we also work on strategic marketing plans for brand films, including where and when to release it. Like the movies they aspire to be, brand films benefit from carefully timed release dates, such as before a significant holiday or event.

But however you look to manifest your brand story or product image, MOONJI Production has the talent, the ideas, and the capabilities to create your vision from end-to-end. Going beyond simple production, we also focus on pre- and post-production in Asia that interject and dictate a strategic marketing and distribution plan that our in-house media specialists and brand strategists help develop in tandem with production. All under one roof, we take care of the A-Z in one fell swoop. Contact us now.