5 Tricks to Enhance Your Post Production Skills

Creating a professional-quality video or vlog is arguably more about the post-production than it is about the actual filming. However, both stages take a varied mix of creativity and technical knowledge. Here are five tricks that you can pick up and instantly elevate your content creation.

1. Use Your B-Roll

Don’t scrap your b-roll before you’re done editing. Although most of your b-roll is not making it into the finished product, it can be instrumental in helping cover a long scene to keep it from getting boring. Keep it entertaining by cutting to scenes that accompany the story or work as a teaser for the next scene that’s just about to begin.

2. Make it More Dramatic

When adding footage to cover up or cut up a scene, it can keep the viewer entertained, but at times it can be distracting or just lack the drama you’re looking for. Give dramatic moments a pause and allow the viewer some time to reflect on what they’ve just seen or heard.

A woman and child on editing screen

3. Stop the Wobble

A good video is made instantly bad with shaky footage. Make sure to install a plug-in or install software that counteracts camera shake, so your finished product is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

4. Keep the Music Playing

Adding music and sound effects is the easiest way to add depth to your video, whatever the subject is. Make sure your music fits your visuals and that your visuals fit with your music – basically, be sure to cut to the beat of the song and use a tempo that fits the scene.

5. Speed Up or Slow Down

Speed ramping is a sure-fire way to improve the quality of the shot and emphasise a subject. Start in real-time, then speed up or slow down the footage to add drama and theatrics to a scene. It’s also a great trick for when you’ve got more or less time to fill but want to keep the whole shot in the finished edit.